The Finnish Chess Federation has the Finnish chess clubs as its members. Its affiliates include The Finnish Correspondence Chess Federation (Suomen Kirjeshakkiliitto), The Finnish Chess Problem Society (Suomen Tehtäväniekat) and The Finnish Chess History Society (Suomen Shakkihistoriallinen seura).

The Finnish Chess Federation represents Finland at FIDE (World Chess Federation), at European Chess Union (ECU) and at Nordic Chess Federation.

President: Eetu Tiiva, eetu.tiiva(at)
General Secretary: Marko Tauriainen, marko.tauriainen(at)
FIDE Rating Officer: Kalle Kumpulainen, ktkumpul(at)


Arbiters Committee
Chairperson: IA Mika Hakala,

Finnish Team Chess Championships Committee
Chairperson: Jyrki Kytöniemi,

Finnish Elo (=Selo) Rating Committee
This preparatory body consisting of experts (Chairperson: Juha Kivijärvi, selot(at) has a number of tasks regarding ratings, such as confirmation of SELO calculation, discussing protests and requests related to SELO calculation, development of SELO calculation system, comparing national ratings to the international ones, confirmation of Chess Master Titles and issuing statements when players are selected for individual and team tournaments and matches.