The last weekend in September we organize the biggest (~340 players) weekend tournament in the Nordic countries, the Västerås Open. This year the dates are Sep. 29 – Oct. 1. The Västerås Open is part of the Swedish Chess Grand Prix, and you can find all the 8 tournaments here: http://www.schack.se/svenskt-grand-prix/ We have a parallell tournament for players below 1600 Elo.

Every year we have Finnish participants, but we would be very happy if more of our Finnish friends would come to our tournament! :)

Webpage: http://www.vasterasopen.se/

Invitation (Swedish): http://www.vasterasopen.se/wp-content/u … n_2017.pdf
Invitation (English): http://www.vasterasopen.se/wp-content/u … 17_eng.pdf

Questions? E-mail: info@vasterasopen.se

We hope to see you in Västerås in September!
//André Nilsson, tournament director