ICC (Internet Chess Club) on lahjoittanut Suomen Shakkiliitolle 500 kappaletta puolen vuoden lisenssejä.

ICC toimii osoitteessa https://www.chessclub.com/

Ote tarjouksesta englanniksi:

“On behalf of the Internet Chess Club I want to offer all members of the Finnish Federation six months free access to our club.  Our tournament directors will run tournaments for your clubs that wish to do so.

In addition, our technical department will create a unique ICC/Finnish web-page and private channel that will make it easy for all your members to create accounts, login and play for fun, play in your official tournaments and have access to all our sites services at no charge whatsoever. This includes access to over 3000 instructional videos by GMs IMs and titled players we have created in our 25 years of service.”

Lisenssi on numerokoodi, jonka saat palvelupäälliköltä:

Jorma Paavilainen
040 4851547