Kaskela Ball Hall (Kaskelan pallohalli)
Suomen urheiluopisto, Urheiluopistontie 400, 19120 Vierumäki

Centenary tournament 17.–19.11.2017
Fri 17.11.
13.30–14.30 Registration
15.00 1st Round
20.00 Opening ceremony

Sat 18.11.
12.30 2nd Round

Sun 19.11.
9.30 3rd Round
15.00 Prize giving ceremony

Problem solving contest 18.11.2017

Blitz chess tournament 18.11.2017
18–19.00 Registration
19.30 Rounds 1-12

Rapid chess tournament 18.–19.11.2017
Sat 18.11
13.00 1st Round
14.20 2nd Round
15.40 3rd Round

Sun 19.11
9.30 4th Round
11.00 5th Round
13.00 6th Round

1. The tournament is organized by Finnish Chess Federation.

2. The tournament organizing committee: Arto Satonen, Juha Sundelin, Marko Tauriainen, Aleksi Olander, Pekka Kauppala, Petteri Laihonen, Tônu Kalvet, András Mészáros and Vladimir Vinogradov.

3. The arbiters of the tournament: IA Markku Kosonen, FA Timo Munukka, FA Mika Hakala and NA Veikko Valo.

4. The tournament will be played according the team round robin system of play, not more than one game per day. Each team will consist of 25 players. The result of the drawing of lots and team pairings will be announced not later than on Thursday November 16. Board pairings will be available on the day of play.

5. The final registration for the tournament is at 13.30-14.30 on Friday November 17. The prize giving ceremony takes place on Sunday November 19, shortly after the last round. Starting times of the rounds: Fri at 15.00, Sat at 12.30 and Sun at 9.30.

6. The tournament schedule can be changed if needed, with mutual agreement of arbiters and team captains.

7. The rate of play is 90 minutes with a 30 second increment for each move.

8. The tournament will be played under the Fide rules of chess and Finnish tournament regulations. According these i.e. the use of a mobile phone is strictly forbidden in the playing hall during the round. The default time is 30 minutes.

9. The results will be sent to FIDE and Finnish Chess Federation for calculating elo and selo (Finnish elo) ratings.

10. The ranking is decided by game points. Nevertheless, a team that wins all its matches, wins the tournament. Tie-break system is: direct encounter; the highest number of points according to the following: 25 points for a win on the first board, 24 on the second, 23 on the third etc. A draw is half of that; a win on a higher board.

11. During the game, the player is not allowed to comment or analyse games nor leave the playing area without the permission of one of the judges.

12. Players are required to remain silent in the playing hall. Smoking is allowed only in specified smoking areas. The anti-doping rules apply to all participants.

13. For more information and to get help, you may call Aleksi Olander at +358 40 511 6464.