By paying your yearly membership fee you get a licence to take part in tournaments and receive your copy of the Finnish chess magazine, Suomen Shakki (4 issues in a year). The licence is valid until the end of the current year.

There are three exceptions when you do not need a licence

  • first 10 tournament games in Finland
  • if you are foreign player and you do not represent any Finnish chess club
  • if you have had licence (not a team licence) before, but not in the three previous years, you are allowed to play one tournament.

Membership fees (1 year)

  • A-licence (for adults) = 90 euros
  • Juniors (under 20 years) = 60 euros
  • Juniors (under 16 years) = 35 euros

Special licences

Discount for families (family license)
There is discount available for a family with many chess players. With one family member taking an A-licence, the others will have a discount through the family licence. The Finnish chess magazine is not included in the family licence.

  • Family licence (for adults) = 60 euros
  • Family licence for juniors (under 20 years) = 35 euros
  • Family licence for juniors (under 16 years) = 25 euro

One and half year membership fee
In the period 1.7.–31.12 you can buy licence that lasts one and half years (maximum). This licence is valid till the end of the following year. One and half year membership fees are 1.5 times the normal ones.

Team license
You can buy a team licence and play one team tournament with it. The team licence fee is 30 euros.

Licence for one tournament (individual)
A-licence for one tournament costs 30 euros (under 20 year olds 15 euros). This licence fee will be paid to the tournament organiser.

All membership fees should be paid to FI39 2059 1800 0147 18 (Finnish Chess Federation account).

Team change
The fee for changing your team is 10 euros.

Information for tournament organisers

Tournament organisers are responsible for checking that every player has a valid licence. Players’ licence validity can be checked from the selo list ( The character ’L’ in the selo list means that player has a valid licence and the character ’J’ stands for a valid team licence.

Tournament fees
For every player participating in a tournament a fee must be paid to the Federation by the organisers.

  • Normal tournaments: 5 euros / player (adult) and 2.5 euros / player (under 20 year old)
  • Rapid and blitz tournaments: 1.5 euros / player (all players)

For official Finnish championship tournaments there is no fee to the Federation.

Information for club chairmen
Club annual fees to the Finnish Chess Federation are

  • 7 euros / player (adults)
  • 4 euros / player (under 20 year old)

The minimum payment is 70 euros. The fee should be paid by the end of March. When a new club joins the Finnish Chess Federation there is a one time fee of 70 euros.

Chess magazine
The Finnish chess magazine, Suomen Shakki, costs 45 euros for one year (licence not included). Payment to FI96 1064 3000 2049 38 (Suomen Shakkikustannus).

For more information contact
Service manager Jyrki Kytöniemi,, phone: +358451360675